Pure sugar Flower (Edible) Blossom Medium - Purple
These sugar flowers can be added to the tops of your cupcakes and cakes to give them a professional finish. 这些糖花可以添加到你的纸杯蛋糕和蛋糕的顶部,给它们一个专业的完成
Vivo Topping Ace Excellent (Purple) 1100ml (Just For Grab)

Vivo Topping Ace Excellent
Halal Product
Weight: 1100ML
Storage: Keep refrigerated
Brand: Vivo
Ingredient: Water, vegetable oil, glucose, emulsifier, stabilizer
The main product is to decorate the cake , because the cream is very standing and difficult to melt, it will keep the form longer than whipping cream.
Like other topping creams, Vivo Ac

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FLG-MY307-K Gel Colour- Purple (25G)

New Colour Gel - Based HALAL Food Co

Local brand Colouring
Mempunyai sijil (Halal) Malaysia

Food/Bake/Dessert/Steamed Roll/Jelly Children’s play dough/Slime......

usege: Food,Whipping Cream,Butter cream,macaron, fondant, Mantou.....,.

Baked food-grade colorings, edible colorings, easy to dissolve, one drop of second color,

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FLO-MY007-40g Oil Base Food Colour - Purple

Oil Soluble Food Colour is great apply for Buttercream, Mirror Glaze Cake, Kuih-muih, Jelly, Agar-agar,....
Certificate : Halal, MesTi, GMP, HACCP
Shelf life : 24-months from the production date
Storage Conditions : Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Close tightly after use.



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