pau flour

HG Premium Pau Flour (1.3kg x 20pkt/ctn)

Premium Quality Pau Flour 高级包粉【650g / 1.3 Kg】

  • Good Taste 美味可口
  • Easy Done 制作简易
1. Mix all the ingredients (except shortening) in Happy Pao Flour Mix thoroughly.
2. Pour in 230ml (about 1 cups) warm water. Knead well till soft.

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Bakers Choice Pau Flour

10pack x 1kg/ctn

Steam Pau Recipe

1. Bakers' Choice Pau Flour 1000g
2. Cold Water (around 1 °C) 440-460g
3. Instant Yeast 10g
4. Sugar 150g
5. Shortening 100g
6. Baking Powder 10g
7. Filling (optional)

1. Dissolve yeast with parts of the water and set aside.

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