Daisy Corn Oil

Made from pure corn oil, Daisy Corn Oil is a highly stable cooking oil that is suitable for all types of cooking and baking. It is 100% cholesterol free, contains Vitamin E and Omega 6. Daisy Corn Oil contains  which makes it good for baking.  

refers to the liquid polyunsaturates found in Daisy Corn Oil that is extracted from quality corn kernel.

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RM9.80 - RM17.30
Panola Canola Spray Oil (400gm x 12)

-Can be used for Cooking or direct greasing on all cookware to prevent food from sticking and to make washing up easier.
-Convenient and Healthier way that makes cooking more enjoyable.
-Store in Cool And Dry Place at 25-35'C
-Non-Stick, Vegan, Easy, Instant to use


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