HG Steam Cake Mix (500gm/pkt)


HG Steam Cake Mix (500gm/pkt)



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Weight(grams): 700

Dimension: 15 cm (Length) x 23 cm (Width) x 7 cm (Height)

Method 1 & Ingredients:
-2 eggs (Grade A) 100gm
-Fresh Milk or Water 200ml
(can be substituted with orage juice as well)
-Apom Mix 1pack

1. Put eggs and milk into blender. Blend at high speed till bubbles appear in about 2 minutes. 
2. Gradually add apom mix into blender and blend 6 minutes till smooth and white.
3. Pour the mixture into steam cups until 90% full. 
Use a small knife coated with cooking oil to draw a cross ''X'' mark. 
(the apom will spilt evenly along the lines when )steamed)
4. Boil water in steamer. Move the cup into steamer and steam 15-25 minutes. (depend on size of the cups)

Method 2 & Ingredients: 
-Eggs (Grade A) 250gm
(3 eggsplus & 2 egg yolks) 
-Fresh Milk or Water) 100ml
-Apom Mix 1 pack
*Repeat steps 1 to 4 for richer and more fragrant steamed cake*
*Basic steamed Apom can be flavoured by adding flavouring*
方法1 & 成分:
-鲜牛奶或水 200ml
-Apom 混合 1 包

1. 将鸡蛋和牛奶放入搅拌机。高速搅拌至2分钟左右出现气泡。
2. 逐渐将 apom mix 加入搅拌机中,搅拌 6 分钟至光滑发白。
3. 将混合物倒入蒸汽杯中,直至 90% 满。
4. 蒸锅烧开水。将杯子移入蒸锅,蒸15-25分钟。 (取决于杯子的大小)

方法2 & 成分:
-Apom 混合 1 包
*重复步骤 1 至 4,蒸糕更浓郁更香*

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