HG Premium Pau Flour (1.3kg x 20pkt/ctn)


HG Premium Pau Flour (1.3kg x 20pkt/ctn)



SKU: PS-081

Weight(grams): 1500

Dimension: 20 cm (Length) x 28 cm (Width) x 8 cm (Height)

Premium Quality Pau Flour 高级包粉【650g / 1.3 Kg】

  • Good Taste 美味可口
  • Easy Done 制作简易
1. Mix all the ingredients (except shortening) in Happy Pao Flour Mix thoroughly.
2. Pour in 230ml (about 1 cups) warm water. Knead well till soft.
3. Add shortening and knead again about 10 mins (5 mins if mixer is used) till the surface is smooth and soft.
4. Cover with plastic wrap or wet cloth. Leave aside for 10 mins.
5. Roll the dough into long stripe.
6. Divide the dough into 20 portion.
7. Flatten each portion into thin layer. Add filling and roll again to form Pao shapes.
 8. Steam the Pao over high flame about 10 minutes. Steamer should be preheated.
步骤:1. 将包面粉中的所有材料(起酥油除外)充分混合。2. 倒入230ml(约1杯)温水。揉至柔软。3. 加入起酥油,再揉约 10 分钟(如果使用搅拌机则为 5 分钟),直至表面光滑柔软。4. 用保鲜膜或湿布盖住。静置10分钟。5. 将面团擀成长条状。6. 将面团分成20份。7. 将每一部分压平成薄层。添加填充物并再次滚动以形成Pao形状。 8. 用大火将包子蒸约 10 分钟。蒸锅应该预热

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