Daisy Creamy Peanut Butter (340g x12)


Daisy Creamy Peanut Butter (340g x12)



SKU: FTJ-028

Weight(grams): 700

Dimension: 11 cm (Length) x 14 cm (Width) x 11 cm (Height)

Daisy Peanut Butter is unquestionably the best choice for peanut butter lovers. Daisy upholds the belief in selecting the best breed and highest grade of peanuts to produce a high quality taste peanut butter. With meticulous roasting process to bring out the richness of peanut flavour and aroma, it indefinitely satisfies peanut butter lovers’ desire in every sense. It is also wholesome and cholesterol free food.
Daisy Peanut Butter 无疑是花生酱爱好者的最佳选择。 Daisy 秉持选择最佳品种和最高等级花生的信念,生产出高品质的花生酱。以细致的烘焙工艺,带出浓郁的花生风味和香气,无限满足花生酱爱好者的各种需求。它也是有益健康且不含胆固醇的食物。

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