USA Black Raisin (1kg/pkt)

USA Black Raisin (1kg/pkt)

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Category: Dried Furits

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Black Raisin USA
Direct import from California USA where the grower and manufacturer is one of the top seller in USA
Natural, no-sugar added (sweet naturally) and ready to consume instantly
Non-GMO, preservative-free and freshness guaranteed
Derive from purple grape, seedless and premium grade
Product has been grown, processed, manufactured under conditions which comply with sanitary and health law of the origin country

美国黑葡萄干 从美国加利福尼亚州直接进口,种植者和制造商是美国最畅销的产品之一 天然,无添加糖(自然甜),可立即食用 非转基因,无防腐剂,保证新鲜 源自紫葡萄,无核和优质 产品在符合原产国卫生和健康法的条件下种植、加工和制造

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