About Us

Bakerchoiz Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary under EC Khan Resources Bhd. We were established since the year 2002. In the beginning, we were only trading in food packaging. Nowadays, we are not only a trading company in food packaging and ingredients but also carry our own brand – Bakerchoiz for bakery ingredients.

We are supplying to more than 2000 bakery shops in Malaysia. We aim to explore the international market by supplying Malaysia made bakery products or ingredients to overseas and vice versa. We continue to strive for improvement in terms of quality, technology and customer service level.
Bakerchoiz Sdn Bhd 是 EC Khan Resources Bhd 旗下的子公司。我们成立于2002年。业务由开始的食品包装贸易发展至目前生产与经销各类原料与烘焙成品,并且还拥有自家品牌 - Bakerchoiz烘焙原料.